Easing into a Back to School Routine, at Home or in the Classroom!

By: Jacqueline Gomes, RDN, MBA

A new schedule calls for revised mealtimes. Often, the most challenging one to implement is breakfast. Taking a few proactive steps can facilitate a graceful move from the carefree summer to a structure-oriented fall.


3 Easy protein-packed breakfasts that are take-along friendly!

  1. Make it a shake: Combine Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, peanut butter & blend.
  2. Make ahead parfait: Layer yogurt (any style), fresh fruit & whole grain cereal in a plastic container for the road.
  3. Make it mini: Kids love anything mini. Toasted mini bagel with egg & cheese; wrap it up in aluminum foil and take it on the road.


Eat Well Tip: Ease the transition by getting your kids up a bit earlier each day a week before school starts. Encourage breakfast each day and begin implementing elements of your new schedule daily leading up to school opening.