Super Foodtown of Atlantic Highlands
3 Bayshore Plaza
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716


Mon-Fri 7am-10pm
Sat & Sun 7am-10pm



(732) 291-4079


  • Full Service Deli Dept featuring Boars Head Brand Meats and Cheese
  • Meat Department
  • Fresh Produce Department
  • CIRCUS Kitchen Featuring CIRCUS Own Recipe Products
  • Dairy Department
  • Frozen Food Department
  • Flower Shop
  • Fresh Salad Bar
  • Catch of the Day Seafood Department
  • Mediterranean Olive Bar
  • Natural and Organic Food
  • Kosher Foods
  • Grab n’ Go Prepared Foods


This store offers:

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For details on curbside pickup call 732-291-4079.

Additional information on our service, fees, and store policies can be found here: Online Shopping Help Center.

Please keep in mind our weekly specials run on a Friday-Thursday time frame. If you place your order in advance current in-store prices at the time of pick up will apply to your order. The picking fee is $4.99.

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