Freshen Up Your Plate & Lighten Up Your Waistline!

It’s time to buckle down and freshen up your lifestyle after 6 weeks of holiday eating!

Fish is a fantastic high quality protein that will easily fit into a healthy lifestyle. Our stores* are now offering a fast and fresh way to get fish into your diet without all the hassle of preparing it at home.

What is it? Poke. Poke appears in traditional Hawaiian appetizers and entrees combining cubed fresh fish and a marinade. Its versatility has increased and you’ll find it in recipe that include avocados and sesame, in ceviche, or served over noodles.


Poke is…

  • Fast and Fresh
  • Quick to prepare – just thaw, mix and serve
  • Sauce included in each kit
  • Healthy, non-fried appetizer, rich in Omega-3 and vitamin D
  • Wild Salmon or Ahi Tuna from the whole loin

How do I eat Poke?

  • Traditional Poke atop fried wontons with avocado chunks
  • Over fresh salads
  • Add to Vermicelli
  • Korean Hodeopbasp with rice
  • Sashami
  • Japanese tataki

The American Heart Association® recommends eating fish twice per week for heart health! So give Poke a try as part of your overall fish consumption.

*May not be available in all stores.