Overnight our bodies fast, that’s why it’s important to have a nutritious breakfast to help provide the energy to get you started in the morning.

Fuel your tank: Skipping breakfast can backfire, leaving you feeling run down.

Be a breakfast-eater: Adults and kids who make time for breakfast tend to get more nutrients in their diets.

It’s as easy as a bowl of cereal: A bowl of whole grain cereal and milk gives your body nutrients you might otherwise miss including, the four many people don’t get enough of…Fiber, Calcium, Vitamin D and Potassium.

Rebuild with Protein. Recharge with whole grains. Refuel with breakfast!

Why cereal and milk?

  • Cereal and milk is a simple to prepare breakfast – teaching kids to pour a bowl of cereal with milk helps encourage independence and healthy lifetime eating habits., depending on age and development level.
  • A bowl of cereal and milk is a great option for children and adults alike. One serving of a whole grain cereal and one cup skim milk is a powerful combination of protein and grains that help recharge your body. Protein helps you rebuild, grains help you recharge!

Tips for Making a Healthy Breakfast a Regular Routine:

  • As a parent or guardian, act as a role model and show good breakfast habits.
  • Make breakfast time a family time to check in for the day ahead.
  • Build self-reliance with kids “making” their own bowl of cereal.
  • Have a cereal tasting to find the cereals most liked (teach to look for a good source of fiber, at least 3 grams, and whole grains).
  • Portion out cereal for grab and go options and calorie control.