4 Easy Halloween Dessert Ideas For Your Halloween Party

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Every party needs snacks, but a Halloween party?

Let’s just say you need to bring your A game. Everyone will be dressed in their most creative costumes and the snacks you serve need to reflect this sentiment.

And yes, this is easier said than done, but that’s why we’re here! Check out some of our favorite Halloween dessert ideas for your Halloween party. The recipes are easy to follow, and all of the necessary ingredients are available at your local Foodtown grocery store.

These Halloween Desserts Are Scary Good

Dracula and bats are just a few things that come to mind during Halloween. Whether they’re present in the form of a decoration or a cool costume, these creepy characters are always a fixture at Halloween parties. Now, you can make sure they’re a central component of your snacks!

Dracula Dentures
Dracula himself would cheat on his all-blood diet to snag one of these treats. They’re spooky-looking and decadently delicious. And did we mention that no baking is required? Just follow this recipe from Nubry.com and refrigerate before you serve. All of the necessary ingredients—chocolate chip cookies, marshmallows, vanilla icing, slivered almonds, and red food coloring—are easily accessible at Foodtown.

Poison Apples
Apples for dessert at a Halloween party? Yes, it’s a thing! You can pull this off at your party when you add the right amount of “poison.” Doing so is easy when using this recipe for Poison Apples from Delish.com as your guide. Make sure you have enough sugar and light corn syrup at your disposal and remember to include the proper amount of blue and black food coloring. Both colors are essential in creating the right visual.

Marshmallow Pops
Mmmm… Marshmallow Pops are to die for.  First, you’ll want to stock up on marshmallows, candy melts, and sprinkles. From there, simply follow these instructions from TwoSistersCrafting.com. Serve them on lollipop sticks, and you have a festive snack that’s perfectly portable!

Reese’s Bats
Reese’s cups, Oreos, and candy eyeballs!  That’s all you need to make Reese’s Bats, a tasty treat that will fly off your snack table and into the mouths of your guests. The whole process, from beginning to end, should take no more than 15 minutes. Check out this video recipe from Delish and don’t be surprised if you’re batty for the taste of chocolate and peanut butter.

Make Delicious Halloween Desserts With Help From Foodtown

Preparing for a Halloween party can be time-consuming. Creating Halloween-themed desserts doesn’t have to be. The suggestions we’ve provided you are easy to prepare and all of the ingredients are available at your local Foodtown grocery store. Visit yours today and ensure your homemade treats are the talk of the party!

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