How to Get Started



Icon of the number 1 as a bulletOnce signed into your account, click Shopping on the menu bar or the purple Online Shopping icon to get started. From there, you can browse products by category and subcategories. If you have a particular item you are looking for, simply type it into the search bar.

Image of the direction


Icon of the number 2 as a bulletOn the products page, click “Add to list” underneath the product, and it will be automatically added to your shopping list. Click the “+/-” symbols on this button to add or subtract items from your list. Click the star icon to add certain products to your “Favorites”, found under the My Favorites link on the top right-hand corner of the page.

Add to List


Icon of the number 3 as a bulletWhen you’re finished building your list, click on the shopping cart icon to review and checkout. On the “View Full List” page, you can remove items from your cart, add notes to an individual item and/or add notes to your full order. You can also build multiple lists for separate shopping occasions.

Shopping Cart


Icon of the number 4 as a bulletLastly, to begin the checkout process, you will need to enter your full name, contact information, and choose a day and time for pickup. Also, add any notes you may wish to include, such as “ring doorbell upon arrival”. For payment, choose between pay in person or pay online via our secure, credit card processing platform.



Icon of the number 5 as a bulletOnce placed, you will receive an email confirmation that your order has been received, as well as when your order is being shopped and when it’s ready for pick up. If you have any issues with your order (such as needing to cancel or if an item was missing) please contact the store directly for assistance.