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    Red Star Quick Rise Instant Dry Yeast. A Tradition in Family Baking. 2009 Chefs Best Award, Best Taste. Rises 50% Faster. Yeast for Bread Machines & Traditional Baking. Fast Rising. Gluten Free. If you have questions, are not satisfied with the quality of this product, or if you would like recipes or additional information, please write to me in care of Red Star Yeast, PO Box 737, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0737, call 1-800-445-4746 M-F, 9AM - 4PM CST or e-mail me at carol.stevens@redstaryeast.com. Honored with the ChefsBest Award for Best Taste. The ChefsBest Award for Best Taste is awarded to the brand rated highest overall among leading brands by independent professional chefs. Product Information: Does not contain wheat gluten or other cereal protein. 0 calories - 0 fat - 0 sodium. Lesaffre Group. 3, Proof of Sale - 3 Stars. Fast acting dry yeast for bread machines. www.redstaryeast.com. Visit our website for baking tips and recipes. Carol Stevens Guarantee.






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