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    Amy's® Macaroni & Soy Cheeze. Lactose free. Made with organic pasta. Family owned since 1988. No GMOs. No bioengineered ingredients. Contains milk protein. Our daughter Amy loves macaroni and cheese, but some of her friends can't eat it - they are "lactose intolerant." So for those people and others who prefer a cheese alternative made from soy, we worked hard to develop the first macaroni and soy cheeze. In this nutritious pasta dish, we use 100% organic macaroni in a smooth light sauce made with cheddar style soy cheeze. We're sure you're going to enjoy this delicious convenient meal from Amy's Kitchen. Lactose free 0g trans fat. No added MSG. No preservatives. Carton is recyclable. Please recycle where facilities exist. Certified organic by QAL. Quality Assurance International. Certified organic. ©Amy's® Kitchen. After the birth of our daughter Amy in 1987 we found there was little time to prepare the wholesome nutritious food we normally ate. Realizing there were others like ourselves, we set up Amy's Kitchen to produce delicious, nourishing frozen meals for health conscious people too busy to cook. We use only the finest natural and organic ingredients and prepare them with the same careful attention in our kitchen as you would in your own home. No meat, fish, poultry or eggs are ever used in any Amy's products. We like hearing from you. If you have any questions or comments, please write to us: Find out more about our products, our company, our family, and what makes Amy's food so special at www.amys.com.






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