Toufe Smart Pocket

Toufayan® Bakeries Smart Pockets Original. Quality Since 1926. The new way to make a sandwich. 100 Calories. 0g trans fats. Low sodium. 2g fiber. 7g protein. Since 1926, families have been relyin' on the fresh taste of Toufayan. In 1926, the Toufayan family's passion of baking bread with quality and care began. Three generations later we still have that passion to bring the best breads to our customers' home. When our customers asked for a more "user friendly" and healthy pita to make sandwiches, we set out to "reinvent" the pita! We are proud to introduce "smart pockets". It is the most wholesome, convenient, and soft pocket pita bread for the needs of today's consumer. Please enjoy, "the 'smart' new way to make a sandwich". From our family to yours, Harry Karen, Greg Kristine. The new way to make a sandwich. Easy open. Soft & pliable. Convenient for on-the-go. Eating. Nutritious & delicious. Only 100 calories! Smartpockets is a registered trademark of Toufayan Bakeries, Inc. 1-800-EAT-PITA. 407-295-2257. Try Toufayan's other healthy baked goods like smart bagels. Toufayan, smart bagel. ©2013 Toufayan Bakeries, Inc.