Dove Intensive Nourishing Lotion, Dry Skin

24 Hr Nutri-Serum. Vitamin A, E, and B5. Innovative Body Care Products from Dove: Dove Body Care Products with 24hr Nutri-Serum, go beyond moisturization to nourish your skin by depositing essential nutrients naturally found on skin. Skin's look and feel is noticeably improved with continued use. Dove Nourishing Lotion: The right product for dry skin! Dove Nourishing Lotion is an advanced, fast-absorbing lotion that does more than moisturize the skin. Its penetrating formula reaches skin cells deep within the surface. 24 Hr Nutri-Serum - 24 Hr care for skin - Contains Vitamins A, E and B5. Immediately nourishes, and relieves dryness. With continued use, strengthens skin's natural barrier to help lock-in moisture. Dermatologist tested. Dove Nourishing Lotion - for touchably smooth and naturally radiant skin.