Spice Garden Nutmeg, Ground

Fresh flavor. All natural. Non-irradiated. Nutmeg is the seed of a tropical evergreen tree which grows in both the East and West Indies. It has a warm, subtle, spicy flavor which is superb in baked goods, puddings, sauces and vegetables. It's also used in meat sauces. Great in eggnog! Enjoy in good health! We have searched the world over to bring you the freshest, highest-quality spices and herbs available today. Our spices and herbs are all-natural with no fillers, no anti-caking agents, no preservatives, and no coloring added - just natural, high-quality spices and herbs that will make cooking and eating exciting adventures. Used properly, spices and herbs can enhance the natural flavors of foods and bring new meaning to joyful cooking and dining! For Free Recipe Booklet Write to: Modern Products, Inc., PO Box 248, Thiensville, WI 53092. Do you have a special recipe you would like to share? For every recipe using one or more of our spices and/or herbs which we print in our brochure, we will send you $5.00 and we'll print your name if you wish. Who knows, you might become famous!