Sokenbicha Defend

With natural botanicals. Zero calories. Unsweetened. Natural flavors with no preservatives. Defend. 0 calories per bottle. Traditional wisdom tells us that nature holds a key to our well-being. The Japanese have known and practiced this for centuries. Now, Sokenbicha comes to the US, following these time-honored Japanese beliefs with refreshing, authentically brewed Oolong Tea blends with Guava leaves, Ginseng, and other natural botanicals believed to Defend from Within. The name may take a little getting used to - so (Refreshing) - Ken (Health) - Bi (Beauty) - Cha (Tea), pronounced just like you think. Up to 30% plant-based. 100% recyclable bottle. Redesigned plastic, recyclable as ever. Try replacing a glass of water with a Sokenbicha - your body will thank you. Formulated with and endorsed by Nihondo, Tokyo, Japan.