SnackWells CarbWell Cookies, Fudge Covered Grahams

9g Net Carbs. 120 Calories per Serving. Whey you are counting carbs, finding great-tasting snacks can be a challenge. SnackWell's Carb Well Fudge covered Grahams offer a delicious option: crunchy graham cookies dunked in a smooth rich fudge coating with 9 Net Carbs per Serving. Carb Facts Per Serving: Total Carbs 18g (-) Dietary Fiber 1g (-) Sugar Alcohol 8g = Net Carbs 9g. These fiber carbohydrates are calorie free. Sugar Alcohols generally have little effect on blood sugar. More research is needed to establish a firm relationship between blood sugar and weight control. Be sure to count calories too. Maltitol and Polydextrose: Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.