Gorton's Haddock, Garlic Herb Butter 2 ea

2 no mess oven bags! Trusted since 1849. Wild caught. 100% wild-caught haddock; garlic; butter. Fresher, better ingredients. Starting with quality matters: All chefs understand that a great seafood dish starts with the best fish and the best ingredients. At Gorton's, we only start with high quality, responsibly sourced seafood, then we prepare it with simple ingredients that deliver an outstanding taste. 2 bake perfect oven bags no prep perfect every time. 100% Wild caught. Catch of the day. Haddock: A lean, mild-flavored fish with a large flake yet tender texture (Pair with a Pinot Gris). No fillers or preservatives. Trusted Catch: Sourced. Made. Packaged responsibly. Responsibly sourced. Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified Sourcing. www.sfiprogram.org.