Louis Kemp Crab Flake Tub

Louis Kemp® Crab Delights® Flake Style Imitation Crabmeat. Quality since 1930. 320mg omega 3. Low cholesterol. 100 calories. 8g protein. Fully cooked. Contains 3 servings. See nutrition information for sodium content amounts listed are per serving. Trident Seafood®. Alaska Seafood®. Three, 4 oz pouches, individually wrapped. Perfect for lunches and snacks. Try our entire line of Louis Kemp® products. Crab Delights®. Flake style 8 oz & 16 oz. Chunk style 8 oz. Leg style 8 oz. & 16 oz. Chesapeake Bay 8 oz. Garlic herb 8 oz. Flake style resealable tub 12 oz. Snack kit with cocktail sauce resealable tub 12oz. 5 single sticks 7.5 oz. New! Sriracha sticks 6.5 oz. Lobster Delights®. Chunk style 8 oz. Toll free 1.866.413.4749. Visit us at louiskemp.com. ©2015 Trident Seafoods Corporation. Louis Kemp' is a registered trademark of Trident Seafoods Corporation.