Rakusen's Thin Matzos Plain - 14 CT

Reuben's Plain Thin Matzos. Established 1900. 14 thin matzos in two sealed packs. Court of the Chief Rabbi London. Pain azyme. Challah is taken. Kosher for passover. Every possible care has been taken to ensure that these Matzos reach you in the perfect condition in which they left our factory. The world's most advanced and hygienic matzo duo-pack. Two separate airtight packs - one to open and one to keep oven fresh until you want to use it. Thin matzos are certified as kosher for passover by the London Beth Din. The products are made under Orthodox rabbinical supervision from the milling of the wheat to the sealing of the packet. The Matzos are produced to the most stringent standards to meet the requirements of religious law and modern food hygiene regulations.