Racconto Essentials Digestive Health Penne Rigate

Macaroni product. All natural. Enhanced with GanedenBC30 Probiotic to promote digestive health and support the immune system (based on a 4 ounce serving). Powered by GanedenBC30 Probiotic Digestive & Immune Health. Good source of fiber. Wellness solutions: Why probiotics? Probiotics are friendly bacteria that live in your digestive tract and help maintain digestive and immune health. While probiotics occur naturally in your body, their numbers are constantly dwindling due to stress, poor diet, medications and age. That's why it's important to replenish these friendly bacteria daily. Racconto Essentials Digestive Health pasta contains GanedenBC30, a probiotic chosen for its hearty ability to withstand the heat of manufacturing and cooking and survive the harsh acids in your stomach. This allows the bacteria to reach your intestines where it can provide the greatest benefit to your healthy life. Benefits of Racconto Essentials Pasta with GanedenBC30: All natural pasta; All natural probiotic (bacillus coagulans) is designed by nature to survive and thrive so more probiotic cells can help support your digestive health; Effectively delivers active cultures; Maintains the immune system; Does not require refrigeration. A healthy choice from Racconto. So, how does it taste? That's probably the first question most people will have about Racconto Essentials nutrient-enhanced pasta. Because no matter how good something is for us, if it doesn't measure up to our taste buds, chances are that it won't become part of our regular eating plan. For more than 30 years, Racconto has been providing high quality, all-natural authentic Italian pasta. We know how a quality pasta should taste. Whether it's 100% durum semolina, whole wheat or multi-whole grain, all of our pasta has adhered to a simple standard - it must be all-natural and the taste and texture must be exceptional. We carry on this tradition with the addition of Racconto Essentials, our all-natural nutrient-enhanced pasta that helps you live a healthier life without sacrificing any of the taste and enjoyment of authentic Italian pasta. Buon appetito! 0 mg sodium (without added salt in cooking water). Product of Italy.