Purely American Virginia Peanuts, Gourmet, Spicy Crabbin

Great finds in regional American foods. Crunchy. Delicious. Handcrafted. All natural. History: The peanut, a native legume from South America, became an important Virginia cash crop in the late 1800s. George Washington Carver, the famous Afro-American scientist, convinced many of the regions' farmers to plant the versatile peanut in place of cotton, which had been devastated by the boll weevil. Southeast Virginia became famous as the only region in America where the large Virginia-type peanut was prepared in the homestyle tradition. Many peanut farming families developed their own secret recipe for these delicious, crunchy peanuts that they served at special social functions. This homegrown specialty became so popular in the 50's that several companies began selling them locally and through mail order catalogs. We are proud to offer our homestyle Virginia peanuts, still prepared by hand, using these time honored recipes. Our Virginia Peanuts are proudly processed and crafted by hand in Virginia. No preservatives. Product of USA.