Diamond Heirloom Fruit and Walnut

Heirloom walnuts, dried cranberries, and dried cherries. FreshLock Zipper: For the secure seal you hear & feel. Nut + fruit blend. Diamond of California. Since 1912. Hello. Since 1912, when we were started by a group of California walnut farmers, Diamond of California was on a mission to bring the bounty of California's Central Valley walnut farms to America's tables. Today we have created heirloom nut + fruit blends that combine our curated selection of seasonal heirloom nut varieties with complementary dried fruits for a taste that is rich in flavor and distinctly satisfying. CA 1912. What is an Heirloom? In the world of fresh produce, heirloom varieties are those that have often been passed down over generations, naturally beautiful, and full of real flavor. With the passage of time, these delicious but often less conventionally beautiful heirlooms might become harder to find. Facebook. Instagram. Guarantee of quality.