Follow Your Heart Vegenaise Gourmet Dipping Sauce & Spread, Sriracha

Soy free. Gluten free. Non-GMO. Better begins within. Live Healthy: Are you ready for a real Sriracha Vegenaise?! We must warn you that you may never go back once you've had a taste of this sweet and spicy blend of traditional Sriracha chili peppers and soy-free Vegenaise. It's spicy hot! High in Omega-3: 660 mg per serving. Obsessed with Sriracha Vegenaise? Scan here for help. /srirachahelp. Enjoy Sriracha Veganaise Gourmet in: veggie sushi rolls, street tacos, veggie burgers, as a dip and sauce for anything & everything! Vegan. Made in USA.