Sol-Ti Supershot Ginger

Light filtered. Glass bottled. Living beverages. TSA compliant. Let Yourself Shine. We each have an inner light. At Sol-ti, we encourage you to shine your brightest with Living Beverages. Each SuperShot is an alchemy of potent and vitalizing ingredients with very real benefits for your p well-being; beaming in biophotons and Charged with Light for your energy, positivity and health. Sol-ti's patented UV Light Filtered Liquid Manufacturing Process uses light rays to preserve our Liquid Vitality -eliminating spoilers without harming the nutritional value-so you can enjoy Glass Bottled, Living Beverages the way Nature intended. Immunity support. Best in Glass. Sol-ti's Glass Bottled SuperShot Line is pressed fresh in San Diego, California, ensuring our liquid is never frozen and never altered by pasteurization - to deliver unparalleled freshness in every sip. Did you know that most of the other shots on the market use petroleum based single-use plastic packaging or plastic lined cans? Not only is plastic harmful to our oceans and landfills, it is also not sustainable. We choose to bottle in glass for purity, people and the planet. Enjoy. Permaculture Planet: 1% for fruit tree reforestation.