Natures Earthly Choice Bamboo Rice

All natural. 100% whole grain. Gluten free. Good source of vitamin B. Resealable to keep bamboo rice fresh. Green has long been known as the color of balance and harmony. Now you can bring these same traits to your dinner plate - thanks to our striking and delicious bamboo rice. Infused with fresh bamboo juice, bamboo rice has a flavor and aroma much like jasmine green tea. As fun to look at as it is to eat, our bamboo rice is high in vitamin B and naturally gluten-free. Even fully cooked, it retains its green hue and sticky texture, making it a great choice for sushi rolls, risotto, or as a side dish any time you'd like to add some brightness and color to your meal. Simple, healthy, delicious - and easy to prepare! Thanks to Nature's Earthly Choice, it's always easy to bring the best of mother nature to your table. Get more recipe ideas at Ready in about 20 min. Product of China. Packed in USA.