Marcal Bath 20 Rolls

Try the new Marcal brand!Marcal brand's newly improved products feature all the qualities you love without all the extra cost!• Softer than ever.• Brighter sheets. SustainabilityFor over 80 years Marcal has been caring for your family and fostering longevity for the world we live in:• Environmental Sustainability: Recycled products mean we can grow our business while nurturing the planet.• Social Sustainability: Being made in the U.S.A., we emphasize community outreach and engagement while fostering employee advancement and wellness.• Economic Sustainability: Our commitment is to exceed governing practices which translates to better products at a great value. Compare to Scott 1000* 20 Individually Wrapped Rolls Sustainability • Environmental • Social • Economic Septic Safe Brighter & Softer! Long Lasting Value Spend Less. Get More.™**