Whole Earth Baking Blend

Whole™ Earth Sweetener Co. Baking Blend Raw Sugar & Stevia Blend. New look. Bakes & browns like sugar! 50% Less sugar & calories than traditional sugar†. Sweetens like 3 lbs of sugar. Net Wt 1.5 lb (680 g). Bakes and browns like sugar with half the calories. Our Baking Blend is the gold standard. We complement stevia leaf extract's zero-calorie sweetness with raw cane sugar creating golden crunchy crystals of goodness. With 50% fewer calories than sugar, our baking blend brings a rich sweetness to all your baked goods. Rethink sweet. 1/2 Cup our Baking Blend = 1 Cup sugar. While you're there look for all our Whole Earth Sweetener Products, including our zero-calorie Nature Sweet™ and Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate. Or try our Honey 50 and Agave 50 products blended with stevia to reduce calories. For recipes and great-tasting ways to use our Baking Blend, visit us at our Whole Earth Sweetener website. Non-GMO Project Verified. nongmoproject.org. †1/2 Cup Baking Blend (400 calories) sweetens like 1 cup sugar (800 calories). The Non-GMO Project Verification mark is a registered trademark of the Non-GMO Project, Inc. The Whole Earth Sweetener logo is a trademark of Whole Earth Sweetener Co. LLC. Questions Call: 1 800 824-2334. Visit: www.wholeearthsweetener.com. ©Whole Earth Sweetener Co. LLC.