4C Salt Free Bread Crumbs, Seasoned

4C® Seasoned Salt Free Bread Crumbs. Meat balls. Stuffings. Chicken. Cutlets. Casseroles. Vegetables. Seafood. Bread crumbs add gourmet flavor and continental zest to so many dishes. No MSG. Breaded fish, chicken or vegetables. Dip fish, chicken or vegetables into slightly beaten egg or milk, then in 4C salt free seasoned bread crumbs. Repeat if thicker breading is desired. Fry slowly until brown, allowing a few minutes for each side. Sprinkle 4C salt free seasoned bread crumbs on steamed vegetables for added flavor. For more delicious recipes visit us at www.4c.com. 4C mark of quality. This product is sold by weight. Settling may occur during shipping. ©4C MMX.