Old Spice® Wild Collection Re-Fresh™ Foxcrest™ Body Spray 3.75 oz. Aerosol Can

In the grand scheme of mannish history, Foxcrest Body Spray might be considered the turning point from wild stink to wild nights of facewinking and pleasurable food delicacies in the company of lady lovelies. And unlike the hairspray of a glam metal axman, just one spray of Old Spice Wild Collection Body Spray lasts all day. For a scent experience as rich and complex as a gilded Rube Goldberg machine, try the Foxcrest collection in its entirety: Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, Deodorant, Body Wash, and Body Spray. 1 spray lasts all day. Get ready for the hens to invite you into the coop. Foxcrest is a cool and cunning fragrance that keeps the senses sharp yet seductive.; For cunning gentlemen. Answer the smell of the wild.; Old Spice Wild Collection Foxcrest Body Spray.