New York Flatbreads Mini's Snack Crackers, Flatbreads, Tomato Basil

Fat free. All natural. The New York Flatbreads legend continues in delicious bite-size Mini's. Legend has it that in 1913, Thelma Eubanks, a wealthy New York socialite and gourmet cook invented the Flatbread, a unique crispbread made from the finest, all natural ingredients. The rest, as Thelma was pleased to say, was gustatory history. Or was it? Eighty years later, Thelma's descendants have created the impossible: a unique line of fabulous tasting, yet 100% fat free bite-size flatbreads. Introducing New York Flatbreads Mini's. Minis combine the freshest all natural and fat free ingredients with zesty seasoning to create the perfect healthy snack. Thelma's descendants also suggest spreading Mini's with cheese or serving them with soups, salads, dips and salsa. Try Mini's in four delicious fat free flavors. The rest will be gustatory history. New York Flatbreads Mini's are unique oven-baked snack crackers. Great tasting. Fat free. All natural. Use Mini's: As a healthy snack; Topped with cheese; With dips and salsa; With soups and salads. This product is packed by weight, not by volume. It contains full net weight indicated. Settling occurs during shipping and handling.