Monistat Soothe & Relieve Pack

On-the-go relief and feel clean & confident. Trusted ortho intimate care. On-the-go discrete carrying case. Cleanse & Cool Irritated Skin: 4 Coolwipes feminine wipes. Fast Relief of Itching & Burning: External itch relief spray, pramoxine HCl 1% - external analgesic (0.5 fl oz [14.8 ml]). Feel Cool, Dry & Fresh: 4 Carefree Body Shape regular pantiliners. Carefree Body Shape Regular Pantiliners: Oxygen-infused cover for up to 2x more air flow (vs. Carefree original). Keeps you fresh for up to 8 hours with a unique odor control system that helps prevent odors before they start. Coolwipes Feminine Wipes: Coolwipes feminine wipes from the makers of Monistat are individually wrapped for convenient, on-the-go and everyday use. Use to soothe and calm your skin on contact. Use External Itch Relief Spray and Coolwipes feminine wipes after: perspiring during a workout; waxing or shaving bikini area; wearing tight clothes; wearing a damp bathing suit; hormonal changes. Discrete Carrying Case made in China. From the makers of Monistat External Itch Relief Spray and Carefree pantiliners made in Canada.