Bubba Burger Turkey With Monterey Jack Cheese

Bubba says, "You'll never bite a burger better than a Bubba!" Frozen for your convenience—no thawing. Bubba was sitting on his porch swing enjoying a juicy, flavorful Turkey Bubba burger when he had a thought. "Why not add real bits of my favorite Monterey Jack cheese into my Turkey Bubba burger? That delicious Monterey Jack cheese would make this burger so good people would be sure to gobble it up!" His many years of experience have paid off with this tasty addition to the Bubba family that flies circles around the competition!The Turkey Bubba burger with real Monterey Jack cheese is made using delicious turkey that is juicy and loaded with protein. That juicy turkey plus the savory flavor of real Monterey Jack cheese combined with Bubba's secret technique to create the perfect Bubba Turkey burger.As with all our Bubba burger products, our high standards means exceptional quality and exceptional taste in every bite. Bubba says, you may think cooking a frozen burger woundn't be too tasty, but this thing is the tastiest burger you'll ever have—fresh or frozen! It is so tender that it will fall apart if you let it thaw. Trust me!