McCormick Chipotle Mayonnaise Dressing 11.6 fl oz

The secret sauce that makes the turkey wrap or chicken panini at your favorite bakery-cafe so delicious might be the smoky, spicy chipotle mayonnaise. With McCormick Chipotle Mayonnaise Dressing, a produt of Mexico, you can recreate these sandwiches in your own kitchen. This condiment is spicy hot with smoky flavor from chipotle peppers which are smoke-dried chili peppers. Use instead of regular mayo to add a bold kick to sandwiches, burgers, French fries or chicken salad. A get-together with friends and family becomes an instant fiesta when you bring out chipotle mayonnaise dressing for your tacos, chicken wings, fajitas, elotes or grilled corn-on-the-cob, burrito bowls or tortilla chips. Check out for our Fish Tacos recipe and more usage tips.