Martinson Coffee, Ground, Premium, French Roast

Bold dark roast. The original cup of Joe. Now EZ Open can. Martinson, an authentic coffee legend In 1898, Joe Martinson started roasting coffee in New York City based on a simple promise: quality. He went to the docks everyday and personally selected the best coffee beans, roasting them in small batches and packing them quickly to ensure a fresh cup of coffee, every time. Legend has it that it was around this time the phrase Cup of Joe was coined based on the care that Joe Martinson took preparing his coffee. Today, Martinson carries on this rich tradition. We carefully select and roast to perfection every batch of Martinson Coffee. Then we pack it at the peak of freshness by using an EZ Open lid with a freshness valve. This allows the coffee to be packed right after roasting, ensuring that it is fresh and full-flavored. A Cup of Joe that Mr. Martinson himself would be proud to serve at his home. Martinson premium coffee selections include: Traditional, a medium roast for a superbly rich flavor. Supreme - Our best beans giving a smooth mellow flavor. Breakfast Blend - a lighter roast with a smooth flavor. French Roast - a dark roast for a more intense, bolder flavor. Traditional Decaf - a medium roast decaffeinated coffee.