Lindt Truffles, Gourmet

Lindt's Swiss Master Chocolatiers are true masters in the art of making chocolate and they promote their craft with love and passion. They select high grade cocoa from only the best crops, such as Criollo or Trinitario, and roast them with great care. In a machine called the conche, the cocoa and exquisite ingredients are combined with soft and creamy cocoa butter - resulting in a velvety texture that can at once be felt by every connoisseur. Lindt chocolate offers an unrivalled taste sensation that satisfies all of your senses. It has an unmistakably fine taste and melts gently in your mouth. 160 years of passion have gone behind making some of the finest chocolates and creating new recipes. Lindt Gourmet Truffles have smooth melting centers enrobed in the finest Lindt chocolate and have been lovingly decorated. They have been carefully selected and tastefully arranged to become a gift of chocolate that meets the most exacting demands. Milk: Milk chocolate with a milk center. White: White chocolate with a white center. Dark: Dark chocolate with a dark center. Hazelnut: Milk chocolate with a hazelnut flavored center. Dark Orange: Dark chocolate with an orange flavored center. Orange: Milk chocolate with a orange flavored center.