Original Scrub Daddy

Scratch free. Resists odors. The original. Soft in warm water & firm in cool water. Soft. Firm. World's favorite sponge! Scratch Free: I'm safe on non-stick pans and other delicate surfaces. Test small area first. Dishwasher Safe: I rinse clean and can be sanitized in your dishwasher. Deep Cleaning: My eyes provide an ergonomic grip with just two fingers. Versatile Smile: My smile cleans both sides of your utensils. Household: cabinets, hardware, floors, walls, baseboards. Kitchen: dishes, fridge, produce, counters, cutting boards. Outdoor: lawn furniture, swingsets, fences, deck railings, siding. Bathroom: showers, sink & toilet, fixtures, cabinets. FlexTexture foam is soft in warm water and firm in cool for more scrubbing power. I rinse quickly and resist stains and odors. Plus, I'm certified scratch free (Independent lab verified). Over 1 1/2 inches of serious scrubbing power! Please recycle this package.