Mini Max Led 40 5 Light Mode Safety Signaling Flashlight & Safety

See and be seen. 3 X AAA batteries included. S.O.S flashing mode (Hold down button for 3 seconds to activate S.O.S. light.). 30 lumens. LED extend battery life. FL 1 standard. 12 hr. 30 lumens. Flasher mode 50 h. 9 LED flashlight. Red glow & red flasher. Rugged hardened aluminum. Auto-off (all functions turn off in 1 hour). 4 Light Modes: 1. LED flashlight; 2. red glow; 3. red flasher; 4. Red S.O.S: Hold down button for 3 seconds. Battery Recycle Program: Free Replacement Batteries: As a benefit to purchasers of this Life+Gear product, free replacement batteries are available at by paying only shipping and handling. Lifetime guarantee. Made in China.