Bradshaw Good Cook Gourmet Cheese Serving Set

Cheese set from slicing to serving. High quality stainless steel 18/8. Cheese stands alone as an indulgence everyone loves before or after dinner, especially paired with fine wines, fresh or dried fruit, a French baguette and sweet fig jam. This elegant Cheese Set has every tool needed to prepared and serve your favorites, from spreading soft muenster to chipping hard parmesan. Cheese Wedge: For chipping off crumbly or hard cheeses. Cheese Knife: Serrated edge cuts through rinds and firm cheeses. Cheese Spade: Cuts softer cheeses and use for spreading. Cheese Fork: Holds cheese while cutting, and for serving. We at Good Cook stand by our product and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Gourmet products. Part of the Good Cook family of products. Made in China.