All natural. Crisp 'n tasty. Kosher for Passover. We at Herr's take great pride in bringing you fresh, natural, great-tasting potato chips. Our use of the finest ingredients is a time-honored tradition. Not surprisingly, we think that our chips are the most delicious potato chips you can buy. What gives our chips their exceptional great taste? It's no secret. It's the way they're made! We take special care to select only the finest potatoes. We cook them in vegetable oil so they turn out crisp and tasty, and then quickly seal them in Herr's special foil-like packaging. No preservatives are added. Sunlight and moisture are locked out. Freshness is locked in. The result - you get more out of the natural potato taste you crave. I'm sure you'll enjoy them. In fact, you have my guarantee - Jim Herr Founder. Member of Snack Food Association - an International Trade Association. No preservatives added.