Rainbow Light TheraMend Inflammation Response Dietary Supplement Vegetarian Capsules - 50 CT

Rainbow Light® TheraMend™ Inflammation Response Dietary Supplement Vegetarian Capsules. Integrative science. Naturally effective. Joint & inflammation. Everyday-safe. Naturally effective. Ease pain & stiffness. Gluten-free. Vegetarian. Made with natural, purity-tested ingredients and no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or sweeteners. TheraMend is a naturally effective integrative health therapy, formulated to deliver a powerful combination of clinically researched ingredients balanced for complete care. Designed to: Relieve everyday pain and stiffness with clinically proven boswellia, shown effective within 5-7 days. Inhibit inflammation response and promote tissue healing with a synergistic combination of hops, absorption-enhanced curcumin, plus quercetin, bromelain and Vitamin D to restore long-term wellness. Provide safe, every day and long term relief and healing, in a ginger juice extract base for easy digestion. Side benefits not side effects: Restore total-body wellness, safe for everyday use and gentle on the stomach. Feel the difference guarantee. Vegetarian. Contains no: Gluten, wheat, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, fish, shellfish. Eco Guard® bottle. 100% Recycled & 100% Recyclable keeping millions of bottles from our landfills & oceans. Meriva Bioavailable Curcumin. Meriva® is a registered trademark of Indena SpA, Milano. Perluxan®. Perluxan® is used with permission. ApresFlex®. ApresFlex® is a registered trademark of Laila Nutraceuticals exclusively licensed to PL Thomas-Laila Nutra LLC. 800.571.4701. www.rainbowlight.com. ©2014.