Plus White Toothpaste Whitening Fluoride

Xtra whiteners remove stains fast. Double action stain removers. Specially formulated to remove: coffee; tea; wine; tobacco; & other tough stains! Xtra Whitening for whiter, brighter teeth, fast! Plus White's state-of-the-art double action stain removers work like no ordinary toothpaste to remove coffee, tea, tobacco, wine and other food and surface stains. The result? Your teeth will look shades whiter and brighter. Guaranteed. Double action stain removers polish away tough stains. Helps remove plaque to control tartar (Plus White toothpaste also helps remove plaque to control tartar. In addition, the fluoride works to protect your teeth against cavities, while the long-lasting minty taste leaves your mouth feeling refreshed every time you brush). Leaves your whole mouth feeling fresh and clean. Contains no animal fat.