ACE Brace, Knee, with Open Patella, One Size

A BD product. Helps prevent injury. Adjustable, comfortable support for weak muscles and joints. Retains body heat for increased circulation. Permits full range of movement while providing comfortable support and protection against bumps and blows. Neoprene blend material retains body heat for increased circulation. Designed for proper fit with minimal and slipping and bunching. Open patella for proper tracking of knee-cap, Hook and loop fastener for easy application and adjustment. Helps keep muscles pliable, reducing susceptibility to injury. Ace brand neoprene blend braces are ideal for use during exercise and other physical activities. The unique properties of neoprene blend material retain therapeutic heat generated by your body. This aids circulation and helps keep your muscles pliable, thus reducing susceptibility to injury. Ace brand sports medicine products are designed to provide you with the optimal support you need while assuring proper fit and comfort. Ace brand offers a full line of braces, bandages, sports tape and hot & cold therapy products to help treat and support weak muscles, tendons and ligaments and to help reduce the chance of injury recurrence. Made in USA.