Hartz Nutrition Original Recipe Cockatiel Food

100% complete nutrition. Hartz Nutrition Original Recipe Cockatiel Food is a special blend of choice ingredients including Sunflower seed. This attractive specially formulated mix is high in nutrition value and very palatable. Hartz starts with the freshest seeds and grains, and cleans them with a triple air cleaning system to ensure high palatability and freshness. Hartz Wellness Principles: health nutrition + fun & recreation + environmental enrichment = well being. The Hartz Wellness Principles are your guide to the best care for a healthy pet. When used in combination, these fundamentals are the cornerstone of a long, happy life. Health & Nutrition: A complete daily diet augmented with treats for variety and supplements for specific care needs. Fun & Recreation: Use toys and interactive treats to keep your pet fit and active, and to stimulate its mind. Out of cage playtime is also important and will strengthen your bond. Environmental Enrichment: While in its home, your pet needs essential care items. In addition to food, it needs clean water and a place to nest and sleep. It should also have access to toys and other dietary supplements. Manufactured in the USA.