Grill Friends Grilling Planks, Pecan

One time use. Contains 2 pecan grilling planks. For beef and game. Organic sustainable. All-natural. No artificial flavors. I love cooking with wood - the look of it, the taste of it and the ease of grilling food on it. I think of wood as I do a spice rub or any other flavoring agent. Grilling with wood is a unique way to give your food a kiss of smoke favor. As the grill heats the wet wood a wisp of smoke appears and the air is filled with an intoxicating aroma from the wood and the grilling food. I am excited to be partnering with Michigan-based Great Lakes Grilling on this product line. We only use the highest grade all-natural organic wood for my planks and wraps but even more important, all the forests are sustainable, meaning that for every tree that is harvested three new trees are planted. This is a product that makes your food taste good and makes you feel good about using it at the same time! That is a win-win-din-din in my book! - Elizabeth. Sear and Plank: You may be familiar with the charms of cedar-planked salmon but what about wood-planked chicken, pork and steak? The delicate wood flavor and the juiciness that you get from grilling on a soaked plank can't be beat. The only thing missing was the presentation. But, no longer! With my trademarked Sear and Plank technique, you can have your grill marks and your juicy meat too. Simply sear your meat over direct heat for 1-2 minutes or long enough to mark. Reset your grill for Medium indirect heat then transfer the meat to a soaked plank to finish cooking. Now the meat is not just good cooking, it's good looking too! Made in USA.