Goose Island Beer, Vertical Collection

17. '18. '19. Bourbon the original county brand stout. Three-year vertical of the original barrel-aged stout. Goose island Beer Company is proud to offer the 2019 vertical collection: An opportunity to experience multiple years of our beloved bourbon county brand stout side-by-side. Explore the subtle nuances of flavor between each vintage year and enhance your understanding of how the taste of bourbon county brand stout evolves over time. Enjoy bourbon county brand stout in its first year of cellar it over time. Many have experimented with the aging of this special beer. Everyone has a preference: some say it's best fresh; others say to cellar for at least a year; the most devout claim 3 years, 1 month, 2 days. However long you choose to cellar your beer, here are some helpful pointers. One of each beer. To learn more about what's inside this box, watch grit & grain: the story of bourbon county brand stout. Scan the QR code or visit Brewed, barrel-aged, & bottled by Goose Island Beer Co. in Chicago, IL.