Red Baron Pizzeria Style Pizza, Naturally Rising Crust, 4-Cheese

Mozzarella, cheddar, provolone & parmesan cheese. Premium quality. Made with 100% real cheese. The makers of Red Baron Classic Crust pizza proudly introduce the Pizzeria Style line of premium quality pizzas. An adventure in pizza, Pizzeria Style Naturally Rising Crust starts with a golden bread dough that bakes and rises to perfection in your oven. Then we add the finest select toppings; savory meats, flavorful cheeses and delicious spices - just like at your favorite pizzeria. The result is pure Red Baron quality. Every bite of a premium quality Pizzeria Style pizza is a true taste experience. Why do take-out tonight, or any night? Stay home, relax and let Red Baron Premium Quality Pizzeria Style pizzas transform an ordinary meal into something extraordinary. Made in USA.