La Colombe Whole Bean Coffee, Lyon

Fight 4 justice. Lyon is made for the courageous. Those who are unafraid to raise their voices against injustice and fight for a better future for our people and our planet. Lyon benefits the ACLU in their ongoing fight to protect civil rights and civil liberties in the hope of building a better country. Sip in support to help fight for a better future for everyone. Meet the artist Abby Lossing. Abbey Lossing is an illustrator based in Austin, TX. Her work is bold, colorful and weaves together patterns and figures with a playful energy through illustrations of crowd scenes, cityscapes, and intimate portraits. Earth friendly. Supporting ACLU. Protecting civil liberties with lyson. Lyson is a coffee with a gentle nature, both in flavor and spirit. Nuttu-sweet notes take on a smooth, toasty flavor that makes for an easy-drinking cup. The impact of this coffee is larger than its taste - proceeds from this box will support the ACLU in its efforts to defend and preserve individual rights and civil liberties for all, for a minimum and maximum contribution of $200,000 by November 2023. $2 from every box sold support: ACLU.