Goodpop Frozen Pops, Orange N' Cream

Good source of vitamins A & C. No HFCS - no refined sugars nothing artificial ever. 80 calories. Dairy free. Vegan. Gluten free. USDA Organic. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. New! Ingredients. Flavors. Mission. (hashtag)sogood. The cleaned up classic. The cleaned-up classic: A mouthwatering combination of valencia OJ + coconut milk (both organic). Good Pops: Inside you'll find some of the most delicious clean frozen treats avalilable anywhere. Why? well, we use only whole, real organic ingredients & lots of 'em, so your GoodPops are always bursting with flavor. You can taste the difference! Good Purpose: The good in our name isn't just about our ingredients or the way our GoodPops taste, it's about our company's commitment to using our products as a vehicle to do social good. Through the responsible fair trade ingredient sourcing, non-profit & humanitarian efforts, we're a small company with a big passion for doing good and giving back. Enjoy the goodness! - Daniel - The GoodPop Team. Goodpeeps, share the goodness! Tag/tweet (at)goodpop. Learn more (at)