Campoverde Fit & Wellness Frozen Fruit and Veggie Blenders All Natural

Spinach. Mangos. Apples. Pineapples. Pre-cut fruits and vegetables. Each 12 oz Bag Contains: 1 full serving of vegetables; 1 full serving of fruit. Makes healthy & delicious smoothies! Just add water, juice or milk. blend and serve! All natural/no sugar added. Fresh from the fields. Resealable bag. Campoverde Fruit & Veggie Blenders provide the perfect balance of fruits and vegetables. Our Fit & Wellness Blend is a tasty combination of spinach, mangos, apples and pineapples. It's delicious and nutritious, packed with the vitamins and minerals your body needs: 1 serving of fruit & 1 serving of vegetables; large amount of folic acid; excellent source of dietary fiber; natural diuretic. All natural. No sugar added, no preservatives or additives of any kind. Tel: 787-793-6900. Product of: Chile, Peru, Mexico or USA. Spinach from Belgium, mango from Peru, apples from Chile, pineapples from Costa Rica.