Off the Grid Brown Sugar Waffle

Naturally flavored with other Natural flavors. 12 g complete protein (13 g total protein). 100% whole grain. 100% whole grain + 12 g complete protein (13 g total protein), with 9 essential amino acids = good to go! Non GMO Project verified. The way we see it, life is delicious and wander-ful. And we know you see that too. We all want to live healthfully ever after, and that isn't always easy. When you're hurried and hungry, you deserve good, no-nonsense food. Food free from artificial colors or flavors so you can be free from worries. The point is your list is long and your dreams are big. So, whether you're running a marathon, running errands, or just running late. We've got you. Let's get off the grid. Let's talk complete protein. Protein sure has a lot to brag about! It provides the building blocks of muscle and digestive enzymes, and helps your body with all sorts of other behind-the-scenes stuff. Protein is made up of amino acids (there are 20 that your body uses), but there are nine that are considered Essential Amino Acids (let's call these EAAs). Because your body doesn't make or store the nine EAAs, you must get them through your daily diet. And what's so special about complete protein? When protein contains all nine EAAs in the right amounts, it's considered complete protein. With complete protein, you get everything you need in one bite, meaning you're fully fueling yourself and your possibilities. Continue the adventure at This way to delicious. Questions or Comments? call 1-800-557-6525. For when you need a change in direction. Vanilla buttermilk. Wild blueberry. Certified 100% recycled paperboard.