Healthy Choice Power Bowls Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

New. Pasta made with ancient grains. Each Ingredient Matters: Our culinary approach insists that every ingredient matters. A combination of ingredients such as pasta made with ancient grains, mixed greens, vegetable, and pulled all natural (No artificial ingredients, minimally processed) chicken breast. Pasta Made with Ancient Grains: Perfectly al dente pasta made with a curated blend of semolina and quinoa. Kale Pesto Sauce: An herby and lemony pesto sauce made with kale, basil, garlic, lemon, and parmesan cheese adds a fresh finishing touch. Vegetables: Bright cherry tomatoes add a sweet tang. Dark Leafy Greens: A healthy blend of kale, chard and spinach adds rich color and flavor. Seasoned Chicken: Marinated tender, juicy and delicious chicken adds outstanding flavor. We love our planet as much as we love our food. Healthy Choice Power Bowls, Max, and Zero use a serving bowl made from plant-based fiber which helps us avoid using on average 1 million pounds of plastic every year. See for more information.