Bibigo Pork & Vegetables Mini Wontons

Share Korean flavor. Sauce not included. Bite-sized. Juicy filling. Fully cooked. Great in soups! Pan Fry: Ready in 5 mins. Microwave: Ready in 2 mins. Sharing the exceptional taste of Bibigo: The name Bibigo comes from the Korean word to 'mix', combined with 'go' for an exciting line of products that are delicious and convenient. Rooted in Korean culinary traditions, harmony is our inspiration - a precise balance of ingredients and flavors that come together to create a distinctive product. Simple to enjoy. Definitely worth sharing. Fun, Bite-Size Mini Wonton: Unique in shape; serve as an appetizer, salad topper or in a soup. Thinner Wrapper: Extra room for delectable filling. Perfect Harmony of Flavors: Delicious blend of pork and vegetables seasoned with soy sauce, ginger, black pepper and garlic. Fully Cooked for Quick, Versatile Preparation: Ready in 5 minutes when pan-fried.