Fish Nuggets

About 10 nuggets. Wild Alaska Pollock. Mild taste, made from minced pollock. Pure. Wild. Seafood. Ocean friendly. No preservatives. Natural Omega-3s: 84 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving. You'll love these & grown-ups will love: Light & crispy breading! No fillers. No preservatives. Sustainably Caught: From an MSC certified sustainable fishery. Certified sustainable seafood: MSC. 84 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving. Quick & easy. A delicious dinner kids will love to eat! A quick dinner everyone will love to make - in under 30 minutes! Certified sustainable seafood: MSC. Who said dinner has to be boring? Attention Parents: Every meal with sustainably caught Natural Sea Wild Alaska Pollock Fish Nuggets is a sea excursion! Whether your kids prefer to swim with our big fish strips, scuba dive with our fillets, or treasure hunt with our nuggets, you'll be happy knowing they are made from minced pollock with natural omega-3s! Not to mention they are free of preservatives, fillers, and hydrogenated oils. So go ahead and let them play with their food! (Scuba gear not included). Ocean Friendly: Caught from an MSC certified sustainably fishery. No Preservatives: No artificial colors or flavors. No fillers. Natural Omega-3s: 84 mg omega-3 fatty acids per serving. For a full selection of sustainable seafood, visit us at: Natural Sea proudly supports sustainable fishing practices. Please recycle. Manufactured in the USA.